Katina Beazer – Endometrial Cancer and Fibroids


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Sheree C., Multiple Sclerosis


Part 1


Part 2

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George, Age 35, Heart Failure

Part 1

Part 2

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David Resolves Impotence Without Medication

“My wife is much younger than me and when I found out I couldn’t perform, I started going crazy because I was saying to myself, ‘There’s going to be trouble in my house.’ When I heard about NuSpecies I felt overwhelmed because I knew there was help out there. I was having trouble in the bedroom and I was mad at myself.”

David has been working with NuSpecies on and off since 2014. Recently, he decided to take a more serious approach to his NuSpecies regimen and tried a few different options before he saw the best results. His last regimen finally gave him the results he had been looking for.

“When I woke up in the morning, that’s when I feel like my sexual performance is like I’m in my teens again. That feeling going to the bathroom…now I can get up and walk like a man to the bathroom.

I also got new blood work from my doctor. When I called you about 3-4 months ago my A1C was reading 6.1. Now it is down to 5.6. I changed my diet as you advised and I also lost a few pounds. A year ago the doctor also told me I was developing cataracts in my right eye. At my most recent appointment, he said he doesn’t see any sign of cataracts anymore.

The doctor said to keep doing what I’m doing.”

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Lauren Noel – Crohn’s Disease

Lauren’s mom and dad, Elma and Paul Noel, spoke with Aston in our Brooklyn Health Center about Lauren’s struggle with Crohn’s disease. The recording of their conversation is below.


Elma Noel


Lauren Noel


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Gabriel, RN, Refers a Friend with Fibroids

Gabriel is a long time NuSpecies client and has referred many of his friends and acquaintances to us. He has even driven some of them straight to our health center for their first consultation. He has watched all of his referrals rebuild their health with NuSpecies. We are so grateful for his dedication and passion to our mission and so are those he referred. We say he is Gabriel the angel for all those he has looked after. In the audios below you will hear recent interviews they each gave Aston. We are grateful to them for allowing us to tell their stories because there are so many others that need to know they also have the power to rebuild their health.

Gabriel’s Interview






Merilee’s Interview









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Glenville’s Results Inspire Friends to get help with Fibroids

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Marie – Anemia, Fibroids, Skin

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Ms. B & 6 Year Old Naeem – Sickle Cell, Asthma, and Eczema

No picture has been provided as the client wanted to remain anonymous. Pseudonyms have been used.


6 Year Old With Sickle Cell Getting Help Naturally


My son, Naeem, is 6 years old and has sickle cell. He has been hospitalized, separate from emergency room visits, over 25 times. That is when I stopped counting. We tried Hydroxyurea [the strongest medication for sickle cell], but it made him sick, so he has been on Penicillin twice a day. He also has asthma and eczema. Since he became sick, I have felt helpless. It feels like a part of me is gone. Everyday I wonder whether he will make it through the school day, will he even make it to school? I wonder if I am going to make it work and keep my job, will he end up in the hospital? He was out of school for the entire month of December.


I was referred to NuSpecies by my co-worker. She knows what I have been going through because she is always covering my shifts at work when I am out with my son.


His most recent hospitalization the was worse. It was very painful for him and for me. His organs are now being affected. Being in the healthcare field, I know what this means. In November of 2015, I decided to work with NuSpecies and met Aston. I started the NuSpecies regimen. The doctors were planning a blood transfusion and to remove his spleen. Our first follow up was about four days after we started the regimen and his blood work had improved enough to cancel the blood transfusion. So far, his spleen hasn’t been removed either.


He did get hospitalized again after that and they began increasing his medication. The Oxycodone and Morphine are no longer easing his pain, so now he is using Dilaudid. I came back to NuSpecies at this time and told Aston, “you have to do something”. He adjusted the regimen by making it much stronger. When I took my son back to the doctor this last time, I couldn’t do anything but get in the car and just cry. His blood work has never looked this good in all 6 years of his life. All of his numbers are almost normal, and that isn’t supposed to happen.


He was taking Albuterol, Singulair and Flovent for asthma, which stunted his growth. He hasn’t used any of these medications since he began the NuSpecies regimen, his eczema has almost completely cleared and the doctor said he is growing. You know when you see someone and they just look sick? That is how Naeem looked. Now people keep asking me, “why does he look different?” He looks healthy now and the doctors said he is doing fine.


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Wayne – Herpes, PSA, Urinary Frequency



Herpes No Longer Shows In Man’s Blood Report

Paraphrased from Wayne’s Original Interview Above:

I was diagnosed with Herpes in the 90’s when I came to the U.S., but I probably had it long before. I forgot the name of the pill, but I have been on it ever since because the doctor told me it would never get better, that the herpes virus would always be in my blood. If I didn’t take the pill, I would get sores on my lip and genitals; a little bump comes up and if left too long it becomes very sore. The pill would help it come right back down. The last time I went to the doctor to refill my prescription, she told me that I don’t have to take the pill anymore because the  herpes virus isn’t showing in my blood anymore.

I know it was NuSpecies that did this for me because I have used all kinds of products and nothing worked. It wasn’t until I heard Aston on the radio with DJ Roy and after I started using NuSpecies formulas and following the lifestyle regimen, that the doctor reported herpes was no longer in my blood. Even with the medication, herpes still showed in my blood tests. So I don’t take the pill anymore.

I also noticed other benefits after working with NuSpecies. My PSA was 4.2 and it went down to 2.6. I had a biopsy which was negative for cancer, so now I’m waiting to see if my PSA has gone down any further. I also suffered with urinary frequency. I would wake up many times during the night to go. I also used to have to rush to the bathroom to avoid having an accident. I even got a ticket because I had to pull over on the side of the road. I don’t have this urgency or frequency anymore.


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Juliette – Cysts & Ovarian Health


Woman Regrows Ovary That Was Surgically Removed

I was constantly plagued with cysts. They would recur every couple of months, even those that were surgically removed. My most recent surgery was in 2014 and this last cyst to recur was a hemorrhagic cyst. It leaks and causes bleeding between menstrual cycles. Although it makes me feel very sick (vomiting and constant pain), I didn’t want to do another surgery. I’d heard of NuSpecies, but because I tried other products that didn’t help me, I was skeptical. In my last follow up with my gynecologist she told me to check myself into the hospital because my White Blood Cells and Red Blood Cells were abnormal. After a week in the hospital I was diagnosed with a pelvic inflammatory disease, but they couldn’t do anything at that time because they didn’t realize the cyst was leaking into my fallopian tube. I was eventually readmitted into the hospital because of immense pain and vomiting, which led to an emergency surgery. They removed the cyst along with my right ovary. I finally decided to come to NuSpecies when my blood cells remained abnormal during my recovery in July 2015. I followed the NuSpecies regimen religiously. In October 2015, I did a medical exam and the results show that my blood cells are finally normal, my anemia has improved, my menstrual has improved and no further cysts have developed. I did an MRI on October 29, 2015 that shows that I have two (2) ovaries. The ovary that was removed in the July 2015 surgery regrew. Both the gynecologist and the fertility doctors checked the pathology report and definitively confirmed that the right ovary was removed. The doctor who did the MRI double-checked and confirmed my right ovary is definitely there.

I feel energetic and renewed. Thank you. I appreciate the work you do. My only regret is that I didn’t come here earlier.


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Iris John

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